Make Up Tips For Round Faces – The Basic Guide

round face makeup tips

Just because all of us are not blessed with the perfect cheekbones does not mean that we have no right to look pretty and beautiful. It is better to fake it until you make it. There are a huge number of things that you can easily achieve with the help of a good hairstyle and makeup. It is the right time to stop to use old makeup and the same androgynous haircuts for round faces

In order to help out all our buddies who are struggling with their problems with the round faces, we are mentioning some of the makeup tutorial for the round face in this article.

These tips will surely help you out in order to make it possible for you to achieve that perfect face cut and features that you desire. All you have to do is to follow the tips in order to get the best results. Also, you can check out some of the tutorial videos that are available online in order to try out some of the new looks.

makeup for a round face

Contour tricks

Contour plays an extremely important role in defining the proper structure of your face. You can easily design your face and shape it properly as you like.

You need to follow the general three contour rules for the round face. You need to start contouring from the outer edges that are on your forehead, and them towards the temples moving forward to the under of your cheekbones. Then you need to continue to move the contour around your jawline. Make sure to avoid the chin area. This step will help in adding more height to your face. This will surely create a perfect illusion of an oval and longer face.

Brow Shape

makeup tutorial for the round faceIt is known that high and arched brows are perfectly fitted for the faces with round shapes. This will easily offer a vertical point on your face and will create a perfect illusion for a more elongated face. You can also take help from your stylist to do makeup for a round face.

You need to start by brushing the brows. Make sure to brush them in an upward direction and then using a darker shade than the rest on the arch. Next, make sure to make the tale of the brow. This will help in further lifting up your face. You can also add up a slight touch of highlight on the brow bone as well. This will prove to be beneficial in lifting up the brow tale.

Hairstyling hacks

It is obvious that along with the round face makeup tips hairstyles also play an extremely important role in properly and perfectly defining your face. Make sure to go for some layered haircuts when you are going under scissors.

This kind of hairstyles helps in creating an illusion of oval face shape and a little bit softer look as well. In order to maintain your style properly, you need to make sure that the layers are to be put back in shape after every six to eight weeks. Layers are well suited for any kind of hair, and that is why you need not think twice before choosing it.

Make Up Tips For Round Faces – The Basic Guide
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